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Name:Hobbit Holidays - stories, poetry, and art
Location:United States of America
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Community description:Hobbit stories, poetry, and artwork inspired by holidays and celebrations
Welcome to hobbit_holidays! This is a community for posting drabbles, ficlets, stories, poetry, pics, or artwork revolving around holidays celebrated -- or encountered -- by hobbits. Posts are archived in "Memories" at Livejournal, listed by holiday and year posted:

According to Professor Tolkien, the hobbits celebrate at least three holidays, which can be found in Appendix D of The Return of the King:

Mid-year's Day
Overlithe (the mid-year festival held on leap-years -- such as S.R. 1420)
Yuledays (the last day of the year and the first of the next year)

I don't see why hobbits wouldn't also welcome stories, poetry, or art about:

Valentine's Day
Easter (in the sense of egg hunts, springtime, etc.) -- Please, no religious references.
Mother's Day
Father's Day
Memorial, Veterans', or Remembrance Day
the King's (or Thain's or Ringbearer's) birthday
All Hallow's Eve (Halloween)
Gondorian New Year (March 25)
or... anything I've forgotten, such as holidays celebrated by other races and encountered by the hobbits on their travels!

Stories can be as short or long as you wish, and may certainly include non-hobbit characters; however, they must feature one or more hobbits and the holiday or festivity of your choice. All genres and ratings are permitted; therefore, please post the following information, and put your story, poetry, or art under an LJ-cut tag.

Author's Notes:

Only members may post, so please be sure to "join" and "friend" this community if you wish to post here. Stories, poetry, or art posted here may of course be cross-posted to your own journal. Reviews, feedback, and creativity are encouraged. Enjoy the holidays with a hobbit!
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